Today 40 million students are being left behind

America’s students are learning skills for tomorrow with dial-up speeds of the past. A smarter E-rate can connect 99% of our students to high-speed broadband in five years.


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America’s Schools Need an Upgrade

Digital learning has a critical role to play in the pursuit of excellence in America’s schools. It is poised to revolutionize the way teachers teach and students learn, but that’s not possible unless high-speed broadband gets to schools first.

Robust Broadband is Critical to Our Children’s Future. Who has Enough?

There is a Solution

The federal E-rate program has connected schools and libraries to the Internet since 1996. Unfortunately, that access is not close to what is needed for today’s digital learning tools. A modernized E-rate can pave the way to power networks that last a generation.

A Smarter E-Rate

Shift focus to broadband infrastructure.

E-rate must move away from legacy technologies that are only capable of yesterday’s dial up speeds.

Create a one-time capital investment fund.

Intended to connect every school and library to fiber and every classroom to Wi-Fi, it will allow all schools to meet the connectivity goals proposed by the President, save billions, and put in place the infrastructure needed for a generation.

Increase transparency and accountability.

E-rate can reduce costs and improve efficiency by collecting and releasing more data about network infrastructure, how funds are spent, and what providers charge.

Support a smarter E-Rate

While the E-rate program was enormously successful in bringing basic telephone and broadband to schools and classrooms, the connectivity provided is no longer sufficient.

Select Members of Congress in a letter to the Federal Communications Commission

The E-rate of yesterday…needs to be updated to support today’s Gigabit fiber and Wi-Fi connectivity. Modernizing E-rate is critical for our students and teachers.

Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission

Investing in high-speed broadband infrastructure and wireless network upgrades for schools and libraries is an educational necessity and an economic imperative for our country.

Meg Whitman, President and CEO, Hewlett-Packard Company

By modernizing the successful E-rate program, we can give students access to modern tools today so they can succeed tomorrow.

George Lucas, Founder and Chairman of The George Lucas Educational Foundation

help kids learn at GIGABIT SPEED

A Smarter E-Rate will enable High-speed broadband and unlock the power of technology to personalize learning and empower teachers. Here’s how:

Two way video that beams experts and experiences from around the globe into the classroom

Immersive learning games as engaging as the best video games

Blended learning models that let teachers spend more time in small group instruction

One-to-one learning technologies that let students learn at their own pace

Nation’s Top Innovators and Investors

Unite to Support E-Rate Modernization

CEOs from American Express, Adobe, Bloomberg, Dropbox, eBay, EMC Corporation, Facebook, Google, HP, Intuit, Netflix,, Tory Burch, and Yahoo Call for a Smarter E-Rate
Learn more about EducationSuperHighway’s vision for a smarter E-Rate.
Download the Brochure

Nation’s EdTech CEOs and Innovators

Support Swift Action on E-Rate

CEOs from Amplify, Bloomboard, Channel One, Class Dojo,, DreamBox Learning, Edgenuity, LearnZillion, and Remind 101 Call for Ubiquitous Wi-Fi in Schools
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